Mt. Vesuvius

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a volcano in southwestern Italy on the Mediterranean coast

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Excavated remnants from Pompeii, including silverware, a preserved piece of a wall fresco, and the cast of a man who did not escape the eruption of Mt.
Rome, March 23 (ANI): Archaeologists have uncovered a marble sculpture dating back to the 1st century AD in the ancient roman town of Herculaneum, which has been sent to Naples, where it will join a major exhibition exploring life in the city buried by Mt.
This is not a passage from a Futurist manifesto but the voice-over from an old TV documentary on Mt.
Here, Pletho in Aristotelem leaves us with an image akin to Pliny the Younger studying Livy while Mt.
Among the applications of pattern recognition techniques to volcanic-seismic signals, two recent works are highlighted: Automatic classification of seismic signals at Mt.
of Manchester, England) offers a history of Pompeii that differs from other studies by investigating archaeological evidence in layers created earlier than the well-preserved remains of AD 79 caused by the Mt.
From ancient times to today, a visit to ancient Pompeii, a row through the blue grotto on the island of Capri or a climb up Mt.
A panoramic view of the city of Naples, Italy, showing the Bay of Naples and Mt.
Multispectral imaging, originally developed for imaging planetary surfaces--including that of Earth--is now being used to pry lost works of classical literature from the remnants of ancient papyrus scrolls incinerated by the eruption of Mt.
For several years before that explosion, there had been signals from Mt.
Takahide Ui, a professor at Hokkaido University, says Japan should learn from Pompeii, where the Italians turned the Roman city that was destroyed and buried by a violent eruption of nearby Mt.
The victims died in extreme heat after volcanic Mt.
Restaurants unearthed from the tons of ashes from Mt.
The cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, near the base of Mt.