Mount Vesuvius

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a volcano in southwestern Italy on the Mediterranean coast

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Around noon time on August 24th, Mt Vesuvius erupted, sending a blast of hot gas, ash, and rocks high into the sky.
POMPEII 3D (12A) MY FIRST trip abroad as a 12-year-old schoolboy was a three-day coach trip to Naples - and on to the top of Mt Vesuvius overlooking the excavated ruins of Pompeii.
Life only moves forward," the mother tells Ted in a flash forward in How I Met Your Mother Season 9, Episode 19, titled "Vesuvius." Such a line is commonly associated to "last words." There are speculations saying there will be an eruption of emotions as powerful as the historic explosion of Mt Vesuvius.
See the Bay of Naples and Mt Vesuvius with Royal Caribbean Modern cruise ships are built with fun for kids in mind Join a Thomson cruise in scenic Corfu Sail the Med on Liberty of the Seas Visit Cantabria for less this summer
offices in Eatontown, N.J., has introduced an exclusive new variety of specialty tomato, "Heavenly Villagio Marzano." Originally grown in the rich volcanic soils of Mt Vesuvius, this heirloom plum tomato variety got its name from the town of San Marzano near Naples, Italy.
London, June 15 (ANI): British archaeologists digging a giant septic tank at an ancient city, which was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, have found that dormice, sea urchins, and fresh figs were among some of the delicacies enjoyed by Romans.
The 83-year-old pontiff managed to smile and wave at the 30,000 pilgrims who poured into Pompeii which was buried by the nearby volcano at Mt Vesuvius in AD79.