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daughter of Nehru who served as prime minister of India from 1966 to 1977 (1917-1984)

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Mrs. Gandhi though gave her positive nod for the establishment of this regional grouping of the SARC but always kept a vigilant eye on the proceedings of the regional body whose central secretariat was unanimously agreed to be stationed in Kathmandu.
Does anyone know why Christian Michel passed on the details of questioning on Mrs. Gandhi to his Lawyer?
The Badals, who now rule, have been sustained in power by a very audible slogan to save the religion and its faithful who had suffered so greatly under Mrs. Gandhi's regime, culminating in the shameful massacre of Sikhs when she was assassinated by her bodyguards in October 1984.
The tragedy is that Mrs. Gandhi, who had balked at a dozen or so casualties, eventually ordered an operation that led to the deaths of hundreds -- military personnel, Sikh militants, as well as innocent pilgrims who were caught in the crossfire.
Mrs. Gandhi had been convicted of "corrupt electoral practices".
Following the high jacking of India's plane by the Pakistan in Jan 1971, Mrs. Gandhi banned the use of Indian Territory by Pakistan.
Simla Pact was considered factual by Bhutto and Mrs. Gandhi was also considered as hopeful and realistic34.
And though Mrs. Gandhi expressed devotion to her two sons, Rajiv and Sanjay, she did not remain at home.
In an effort to consolidate and bolster her authority, Mrs. Gandhi sought, among other acts, to override the Supreme Court's power of judicial review, which appeared as the main issue in the 1967 case of Golaknath v.
The Congress Party has an attractive alternative in Manmohan Singh, an experienced and capable former finance minister who is now said to be favored by Mrs. Gandhi. Mr.
The so-Called Hindu parties were political beneficiaries of the backlash and now that they are in power they do not wish to repeat Mrs. Gandhi's "mistake." There is another political concern: the perception among Hindus that the Muslim minority in India is extremely fertile and may outnumber the Hindus in due course.
There was the war with Pakistan over Bangladesh, and Mrs. Gandhi was proven to be corrupt.
Mrs. Gandhi said when they founded the school, she and her husband were followers of Mahatma Gandhi.
A careful analysis of the period dem onstrates (1) that regional relations took place within a well-established Indo-centric and India-dominant geopolitical context; (2) that Indira Gandhi's personal style of reacting to internal and external threats with massive force had a considerable impact on relations with neighbors; and (3) that India's relations with other South Asian nations during this period depended greatly upon the composition of leadership in the neighboring countries as well as upon Mrs. Gandhi's personality and policies.