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Synonyms for Mrs.

a form of address for a married woman

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Pickwick's servant!' said Mrs. Bardell, turning pale.
'Well, I raly would not ha' believed it, unless I had ha' happened to ha' been here!' said Mrs. Sanders.
Mrs. and Miss Eynsford Hill are the mother and daughter who sheltered from the rain in Covent Garden.
MRS. EYNSFORD HILL [a little bewildered] Not at all.
This was my only claim to the confidence of Mrs. Clements.
With this explanation I left it to Mrs. Clements to say whether our interest in the matter (whatever difference there might be in the motives which actuated us) was not the same, and whether she felt any reluctance to forward my object by giving me such information on the subject of my inquiries as she happened to possess.
What those treasures were, Mrs. Sparsit knew as little as they did.
A deaf serving-woman and the light porter completed Mrs. Sparsit's empire.
LADY HUNSTANTON [to MISS WORSLEY] Now, do come, dear, and make friends with Mrs. Arbuthnot.
Mrs. Glegg heard a circumstantial narrative, to which Mr.
Instead of deferring his decision until the next day, he accepted Mrs. Lecount's suggestion on the day when it was offered to him.
[Rising.] Margaret, if you knew where Mrs. Erlynne went last night, after she left this house, you would not sit in the same room with her.
Mrs. Delvin was rich enough to believe implicitly in the power of money.
"We can hardly blame her for that," said Mrs. Sprague; "because few of the best people in the town cared to associate with Balstrode, and she must have somebody to sit down at her table."
[Advances towards MRS. CHEVELEY with a sweet smile.