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excessive or affected modesty

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Mrs Grundy concluded that Mr Ithell had in fact been treated as a valued member of staff and with due regard for his welfare.
Cloud Howe predates Mrs Grundy in Scotland, but Aik could have been reading Willa Muir: "The fearful thrill of contemplating one's own iniquity easily passes over into a thrill at the iniquity of others" (47).
After flying to Delhi, Mr and Mrs Grundy had a three-day train and jeep journey to get to the Kumaon region of India.
A letter and a new will had arrived on the very day that Mrs Grundy died and it said that she wished her entire pounds 400,000 estate to go to Dr Harold Frederick Shipman.
Mrs Grundy said: "Somehow, you don't think you're going to win these things, but you have a go and something like this happens.
I hope common sense prevails and Mrs Grundy is able keep her windows.
Angry council leaders yesterday ordered an inquiry into the mix-up and said they would encourage Mrs Grundy to use the courts to take her rightful place on the council.
Mrs Grundy said: "We've done a lot of mountaineering but nothing like this.
Year 5 class teacher and school PE coordinator Mrs Grundy said: "The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all worked hard as a team.
Mrs Grundy, although elderly, had been a picture of health and spent much of her time looking after others worse than herself.
Margaret told the Sunday People: "I said I'd heard the news about Mrs Grundy and that everyone in the town supported him in his troubles.
The investigation began when the daughter of Mrs Grundy, 82, became suspicious when an alleged bogus will appeared, leaving her mother's pounds 400,000 estate to the family doctor.