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the unit of plane angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites


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Mrad Utility Services is also working to develop a mobile application to allow citizens to follow up and review how their cases are being dealt with "step by step."
Ronnie and Chris Barrett are a unique father-son duo--each has developed a military-designated rifle system: Ronnie the M107 and Chris the MRAD.
For example, the coordinate of the focal spot centroid along y-axis is -23.45 mm in both Figure 8(a) ([beta] = 30[degrees], [[epsilon].sub.1] = 2 mrad, and [[epsilon].sub.2] = 8mrad) and Figure 8(g) ([beta] = 0[degrees], [[epsilon].sub.1] = 2mrad, and [[epsilon].sub.2] = 0mrad); the coordinate of the focal spot centroid along x-axis is -83.20 mm in Figure 8(a) (double tracking error) and Figure 8(h) (single tracking error); the azimuth and elevation tracking error of the EATD are all 6.9 mrad ([beta] = 0) in Figures 8(d)-8(f), so the coordinate of the focal spot centroid along x-axis and y-axis are the same -83.2 mm.
Asked to elaborate on European developments that speak to him, Mrad recalls the new headquarters building for Antwerp's Port Authority.
Mrad works for Sharjah-based property developer ARADA.
[sup][11] However, studies have shown that gamma irradiation significantly alters the initial biomechanical properties of meniscal allograft in a dose-dependent manner: Doses as low as 2.0 Mrad have been proved to reduce the initial stiffness and strength of meniscal allograft.
That said, the TruLaser Cell 8030 is also available with the TruDisk 3001 and 4001, 3and 4-kW, disk lasers, both of which provide a beam quality of 4 mm x mrad.
"The Middle East is a very important outbound market for Hertz, and our newly revamped international locations will be very popular for any traveller from the region that is looking for the easiest and fastest car-rental options when travelling overseas," said Elyes Mrad, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Hertz International.
* A repeatability of [+ or -]1 encoder count (0.0072[degrees]/0.125 mrad).
HERTZ Rent-a-Car has announced the launch of an Arabic language function across its Middle East regional websites, offering 86 million Arabic speaking internet users the option to book Hertz car rentals in their preferred language for the first time, it was announced by Elyes Mrad, vice president of sales and marketing for Hertz International.
"The Middle East is the main focus area for the company and we are No.1 in the region and across the world," said Elyes Mrad, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hertz International, at a media briefing session during Arabian Travel Market (ATM), taking place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.
"C'est le president russe Vladimir Poutine lui meme qui m'a assure que la bataille de la Syrie etait la bataille de la Russie", a-t-il dit a une vingtaine d'hommes politiques libanais partisans du regime dimanche a Damas, selon Abdel Rahim Mrad, ex-depute sunnite libanais qui participait a la reunion.
Spinning in the main room will be Lebanese house music guru DJ Said Mrad, supported by DJ Miled.
The St Regis Doha is hosting a New Year's eve celebration with Lebanese singer Nawal al-Zoghbi and DJ Said Mrad performing, titled 'An Unforgettable Night of Entertainment'.
A packaging and high precision optics mounting offer full control, allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as [+ or -]3 mrad (FWHM).