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The song, which has racked up over 5 million YouTube views, changed Mozzy's life.
According to the company, 'Mozzy Tones' is designed especially for youngsters, since many adults will not be able to hear the 17-kilohertz buzzing sound because of age-related hearing loss.
Mozzy, who came straight from the airport after supporting the PBA All-Star festivities in Iloilo over the weekend, stood silently at the back corner of the room and watched 24-year-old Kiefer accept an 18-month suspension from basketball world governing body FIBA for taking an energy drink with prohibited performance-enhancing substances.
I spent days around the pool, flir ting with Mozzy, then 20.
After 15 years of research, leading aromatherapist Marie Sommerville and her daughter, Anna Price, have developed Mozzy Off, a 100 per cent natural formula which has been proven to be just as effective at keeping midges and mosquitoes at bay as harsh chemical-based products - but without the nasty side effects.
His mother Mozzy, older brother Kiefer and Amer sat on the back while his younger sister Dani distributed the packed foods from the third row of the SUV.
of fistula - the rest I spent warding off giant lizards and treating itching mozzy bites.
Midgie spray is a must, try totally natural Mozzy Off, for more information click on to
Not one member of the opposite sex approached this amiable and available divorced dad until the last night of the holiday when I didn't use the mozzy roll- on.
use of performance-enhancing drugs, I bumped into his parents, Bong and Mozzy, in Iloilo.
Thirdy, coming off a championship with Ateneo in the UAAP, watched Kiefer's PBA debut with dad Bong and mom Mozzy.
'We're very close to Bong and Mozzy, but it's not really that closeness that made us decide to pick him.
Could,' Ravena said on Monday before he and wife Mozzy watch their oldest child in the 39th Jones Cup Invitational here.
'He hasn't reached his full potential, he's just playing the game,' his mother Mozzy says.
The Ravenas-father Bong, a former PBA stalwart; mother Mozzy, a former volleyball standout; and other kids Thirdy, Ateneo's current top gunner; and Dani, a promising high school spiker-all point to Kiefer as the most zealous in winning.