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(Old Testament) the Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey known as the Exodus

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United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)

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Born in November 1996 and originally named Samantha, Seph is the child of Nixon and former partner Danny Mozes. The two also share 15-year-old son Charles Ezekiel Mozes.
Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing, claiming "there is nothing illegal about accepting gifts from friends, and that he never intended to follow through with proposed steps discussed with Mozes".
Sloan, (59) the Ninth Circuit recently declined to revisit the framework it enunciated in Mozes. (60) Although the parent-focused Mozes framework considers acclimatization of the child as well as parental intent, the Mozes framework sets a high bar for acclimatization to trump parental intent.
The mogul, Arnon "Noni" Mozes, is publisher of the Yediot Ahronot group, and a longtime nemesis of Netanyahu's.
Kazes hiljada umjesto tisuca - mozes se pozivati i na hrvatsku literaturu koliko god hoces - ti si gotov.<<
Eva Mozes Kor, 82, who is coming to Oregon from Indiana to tell her story, is one of the increasingly rare survivors of that dark passage in human history.
Eva Mozes Kor, 81, faced Nazi death camp officer Groening, 93, during a break in his trial.
"Numerous testimonies by Yedioth Ahronoth employees that have reached us recently indicate that [Yedioth publisher] Noni Mozes is conducting an orchestrated campaign against the Likud Party and against me, in intense cooperation with organizations and NGOs that enjoy the support of tycoons in Israel and abroad as well as that of foreign governments.
Dressed like drunken denizens of a 30s backstreet whisky bar, they build a paperthin veneer of debauchery, which is just a bit corny – witness heavily–bearded acrobat Mozes giving the audience a full–frontal flash while roller–skating across the stage, for example.
The rest of the company's management team in the city remains intact: branch managers Shaul Betesh, David Fallarino and Sandy Mozes; and regional operations manager Tom Sculco.
Trivia: Nixon had a long-term relationship with childhood sweetheart Danny Mozes, but they split in 2003.
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Eyal Mozes, a research scientist and independent scholar, offers a distinctively Objectivist critique of Sam Harris's defense of determinism in Harris's 2012 book, Free Will.