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of or relating to or in the manner of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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As Schlesinger's biographer points out, the placement of the Mozartian trio of voices against both relationships in the film has the effect of equalizing, through music, homosexual and heterosexual experience (Mann 363-364).
There are fresh sounds from some familiar musical toys - a musical box and two melodicas - together with Colin Matthews' contemporary take on a Mozartian musical dice game.
The neat plotting gives us a bit of Mozartian, or folk tale, 'sua madre, suo padre' stuff at the end when Harry, the central character, finally realises who he is and why he's there.
The poets I love, those whose poems have touched me with a strength that has shaped me, Eliot, Dickinson, Ashbery, Montale, Whitman, all, I think, have in common an erotic wildness at the heart of their work, a Mozartian intensity that seems to sing from, and of, a place in the imagination where the body and the mind intersect, comingle.
Carpenter's survey, resonant of Waugh's own passage, likewise suggests specific referents for the "Wild West parties" and "Circus parties" of Vile Bodies: "A 'Mozart Party' in the Burlington Gardens had a symphony orchestra playing the 'Jupiter,' and everyone dressed in Mozartian costume.
The London Guardian's Judith Mackrell noted that Ishihara "dances Divertimento with a Mozartian sweetness of detail."
In the third movement, one heard--ever so briefly--Philip Glass precursors; in the fourth movement, a Mozartian hymn; in the fifth, the 20th century was well under way, as Polonsky's piano pounded out the martial sounds of industrialization and Jackiw's violin lay into a thick-timbred melody, interrupted by lingering Debussyian brushstrokes.
The heroic but relentlessly victimised stubbornness of her unnamed heroine in 'Blood' is as sublime as a fairytale heroine, and is certainly not presented as masochistic; but her barbarous imprisonment in bodily self-scrutiny, even as she seeks to escape into the Mozartian Enlightenment of musical ideas, brings her to a point of inertia, before a storm of martyrdom, a dreaded public exposure of the inside and outside of her body.
The Mozartian theme of the concert was emphasised by the fact that the second half opened with that composer's own Don Giovanni Overture, a piece which showed that Mozart could capture emotional turmoil just as effectively as any of his romantic successors.
Although labeled the second concerto it actually is Beethoven's first and most Mozartian effort, with chunks delivered by the orchestra followed by separate piano segments.
In The Parallax View, Zizek links irony and ironic reversal to the dialectic, to the movement of negating negation and the revalorization of appearance that emerges from it, asking, "Is not irony, then, the ultimate form of the critique of ideology today--irony in the precise Mozartian sense of taking statements more seriously than the subjects who utter them themselves?" (354).
This shape slightly resembled a musical note and perhaps was meant to suggest a Mozartian score.
--Pope Benedict XVI on "Mozartian serenity" as a gift of the grace of God.
There we find situated a law student, also studying philosophy, literature, and aesthetics, who went on to become a developmental psychologist--Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934), described by a contemporary as possessing "an aura of almost Mozartian giftedness" (Kozulin, xi).