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of or relating to or in the manner of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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Despite its great length, chapter 2 features stimulating readings of Mozartean passages--especially from his Requiem, K.
2) "Mozartean facility of composition," that is potentially infinite functionality.
She reflects on the Mozartean moment of the twelfth century when "for an instant, for a small elite, the heart's pendulum stands dead center, vibrant at the midpoint of its arc, while all things seem possible" (205).
The sensitivity of the playing in the gentler Andante paid rich dividends in the typically Mozartean sweetly-sad melodies.
My model began with a Mozartean simplicity on a clean piece of graph paper.
Or consider the college piano student, carefully groomed to taper each Mozartean phrase just so, and deliver sharp accents in Bartok.
Heidi Brunner, another accomplished Mozartean, sings "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" so gorgeously you will need Kleenex.
Out of the innocent but unstable Mozartean pastorale in the court divertissement of act 2 there flowers forth, hydra-like, the uncanny musical themes that first contaminate and then resolve the plot.
Peter Mattel is an important Mozartean; he delivered the notoriously difficult "Vedro, mentr'io sospiro" with aplomb and command.
Why does the duke have a string quartet playing Mozartean music at dinner?
Mozartean laughter is, in fact, the very quality that fuels his meshuga energy.
Farrell's perceptive, personal attention to every one of her dancers empowered them to let Balanchine's Mozartean choreography sparkle with crown-jewel luster.
Nonetheless, he says, there's no Mozartean prolificacy in his creative process: "I am a very slow composer.
The examination of source material will be of considerable interest to the Mozartean scholarly community at large; and the study of Mozart's stylistic models is a valuable addition to the growing body of literature that questions common assumptions about influences on his early works.
Where much of the subsequent theorizing about the economics of antitrust has been like sterile academic "music," his thinking was Mozartean in its lively style and inventiveness.