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an arm of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and southeastern Africa

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"The cyclone was located over the Mozambique Channel on March 12 and is expected to strengthen into intense tropical cyclone status (Category 4 equivalent) again prior to making landfall," it added.
Around 20% of the world's tuna is fished in the Indian Ocean--close to 1m tons, valued at $2bn--mainly from the seas around the Seychelles and north of the Mozambique Channel. Around 12,000 people are directly employed in the industry.
3D TROPICAL STORM: TRMM satellite flew above a tropical low (91S) in the Mozambique Channel on January 28, 2014 at 1011 UTC and saw some towering storms (red) near the center of the low were reaching heights of above 16 km/9.9 miles.
The islands are located in the Indian Ocean, in the Mozambique Channel, just 200 miles off the east African coast.
The centre of this still-developing core making its track along the 40 [degrees]S latitude, so that by and during the weekend, easterly flows are persisting, flowing into the subcontinent but also flowing around an obstinate vortex in the Mozambique Channel, but not being absorbed by this system.
As a part of the project, Ciena's intelligent optical switching solution, which is already deployed and operational, will help deliver resilient broadband connectivity on the route between Kenya and the island of Mayotte in the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius.
The program involves an intense boot camp training period in Florida, followed by the long expedition across the Atlantic to London, Africa, and finally, across the Mozambique Channel to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.
Piracy off the Horn of Africa has increased over the past few years, as criminal gangs exploit instability in Somalia to extend their reach eastward to India's coastal waters and southward to the Mozambique Channel. Beyond its economic impact in one of the world's busiest shipping corridors, piracy has serious humanitarian consequences as well.
Jupiter holds interests in offshore Namibia as well as in offshore Juan de Nova, a French dependency in the Mozambique Channel.Country: , UKSector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: Jupiter Petroleum LimitedBuyer: Global Petroleum LimitedType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: All-stockStatus: Closed
Somali pirates have been terrorizing the sea from the Indian Ocean to as far as the Mozambique Channel according to the International Maritime Bureau.
The seizure of Feng Guo No 168 and the expansion of the pirates' range could threaten vessels serving oil platforms in the Mozambique Channel.
It was then time for the piece de resistance of the trip -- a lazy threeday sail in the Mozambique Channel.
Simpson (1940) first proposed that rafting across the Mozambique Channel on large clumps of floating vegetation could provide the means.
Somali pirates are seizing ships as far as the Mozambique Channel and off the coast of India, a senior US admiral said last week.