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a native or inhabitant of Mozambique

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Questings and Questionings: National Character in Mozambiquan and Afro-Brazilian Fiction.
The comment offered by the narrator, namely that "[t]he major-general's lover looks at all this in disgust" (104), discloses not only the revolting nature of the present circumstances in Mozambique, but above all the main character's misapprehension of the situation: the object of her revulsion is not the political economy of global inequality, which is a central issue in Momple's story, but rather the impoverished Mozambiquans who are its victims.
The future is no more than a lack in the present--as the Mozambiquan writer Mia Couto puts it in his story "Os mastros do Paralem; ("The Flags of Beyondward"), "o destino de um sol e nunca set olhado" (185): the destiny of a sun is never to be beheld.
Her observations of the reactions to demonstrations, in one case protesting against the m urder of a Mozambiquan student and in another, by neo-Nazis, against the murder of a right-wing extremist, reveal different configuration of memories.
Anna Pessoa (Internal Administration), Mari Alkatiri (Economics), Joao Carrascalao (Infrastructure), Father Filomeno Jacob (Social Affairs) and Jose Ramos Horta (Foreign Affairs) are the Timorese members; Peter Galbraith (Political Affairs) is a citizen of the USA, Gita Welch (Legal Affairs) is Mozambiquan while Michael Francino (Financial Affairs) is a citizen of Canada.
A Mozambiquan NGO for women's development and empowerment, Malhalhe, wanted to help women in a community in Maputo to achieve equality and be involved in making decisions.
As part of his duties in Mozambique, he and several other members of the Doctors Without Borders team saw patients in a warehouse converted into an 800-bed cholera treatment facility, working side by side with Mozambiquan health care providers.
I've had more help finding my way from a Mozambiquan market-trader with whom I shared no common language.
Country became independent from Portugal in 1975 and Renamo, an organisation set up by Rhodesia to harass the pro-black majority rule Mozambiquan government, initiated troubles.
In the thick Mozambiquan heat the water felt like oil and the comrade with his hand under her belly barked his instructions, Up, draw up your legs, and, out, kick, flap the ankles, hands forward, round, and again.
Southern Mozambiquan males were drawn first to the sugar estates of Natal, then to the diamond pipes of Kimberley, and finally to the gold-bearing reefs of the Witwatersrand.
Of course that's not the problem these days and we don't think the Mozambiquan government represents the Mozambiquan people any more.
The company fishes in Mozambiquan waters for crab, deep sea pink prawn, white prawn, and langoustine -- most of which is shipped to customers globally.
The same scenario plays out on the East Coast of Africa, where we have seen Kenyan, Mozambiquan, and other confederates of maritime piracy directly involved in the attacks and hijackings.
He was speaking after a meeting between South African energy minister Dipuo Peters and the Mozambiquan ministers of energy and of mineral resources.