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283) that only 2, 700 Mozambicans were still in the country at the end of 1990.
He asked Mozambicans to donate blood for the injured.
They also deal with claims by external agencies that they co-ordinated the reunion of thousands of children with their parents and carers - in fact, the Mozambicans themselves proved much more efficient in this task than the specialist agencies.
The project collects weapons from Mozambicans, offering tools, seeds and other necessities in exchange.
The fighters of the Renamo had a well-earned reputation for brutality and were considered by many Mozambicans to be little more than gangsters.
In Work, Culture and Identity, Patrick Harries has provided an exemplary study of the formation of Mozambican migrant labour in the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Sporadic movements of Mozambicans across the Malawian border were reported regularly during the 1970s and the early 1980s in the Mulanje and Dedza districts.
Nearly one million Mozambican refugees have settled in this southern African nation.
For the hundreds of thousands of Mozambicans fleeing in terror from their own land, it is a question of survival.
Clashes between Mozambique Government forces and the opposition Mozambican National Resistance, or RENAMO, have forced an increasing number of people to flee Mozambique and seek asylum in Malawi over the last few weeks, the United Nations refugee agency cautioned today.
MAPUTO (CyHAN)- The Mozambican government and main opposition group Renamo expressed a common will Monday to end their continued fighting, which has caused dozens of deaths and injuries since last year.
The author's privileged status as a protected westerner might have prevented her from witnessing more details of the horrors inflicted on ordinary Mozambicans in the process of revolutionary nation-building.
Domingos Fernandes, a senior officer at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, told the public channel TVM that "the government has its eyes opened monitoring the situation in South Africa" to avert such attacks in the past when many Mozambicans where killed by angry mobs.
Government will continue to pursue this dialogue at higher levels of the Mozambican government over the coming year, with the goal that engagement with the Mozambicans on counternarcotics will prevent Mozambique from becoming an even more attractive transit location for hashish, cocaine, and heroin.
Trafficked Mozambicans often labor for months in South Africa without pay and under coercive conditions before their exploiters have them arrested and deported as illegal migrants.