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Specialized for image browsing, and offering full collaboration with other Nikon software applications, ViewNX-i serves as the launch pad for RAW development and still-image adjustment using Capture NX-D, and movie editing using ViewNX-Movie Editor.
PowerPoint 2010 enables real-time broadcasting of presentations and built-in movie editing, and the 3D transition effects can be used to create more engaging presentations.
Business specializes in digital image processing, printing, film development, photo montages, slide shows, movie editing, etc.
None of the optical illusions require an excess of expensive equipment beyond an ordinary home video camera--not even movie editing software.
Although more sophisticated video editing software is available, Movie Maker is free editing software that can be used to introduce students to movie editing on the Windows platform.
Before we began editing, we viewed the Magix Movie Edit Pro software's tutorial on movie editing.
Now, I know it would have been easy if I wanted a gaming system with two TV tuners and movie editing capabilities.
Basically one long talking-head-interview shot of Walter Murch, broken by bountiful movie excerpts, "Murch" offers a master class on movie editing, enriched by numerous behind-the-scenes and philosophical digressions.
Video cameras are ubiquitous, movie editing software comes standard on most home computers, and there's now a film festival for just about any subculture you can imagine.
Pogue describes managing music files and the iTunes Music Store; movie editing, creating, and burning; organizing and printing photos; and using MIDI and recording music.
The presumptuous legatee of pop video and two generations of advertising steeped in motivational research, contemporary movie editing no longer makes such a virtue of moving from side to side as well as forwards and backwards.
With its elegantly engineered slot-loading combo drive (DVD-ROM/C D-RW), the PowerBook G4 enables movie editing, DVD viewing, as well as CD burning capabilities.
Most contain aptly named "Flash" graphics and hi-tech sound effects that grab the viewer in a style in keeping with the hysterical aesthetics of current movie editing and special effects.
Features such as movie editing, adding a title or menu are not included, and BD-J is not supported.
Efexio is the future of consumer movie editing, said Dwight DeClouette, vice president, worldwide communications, media and entertainment, Hitachi Data Systems.