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the person who directs the making of a film

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22 Jumpstreet" movie director Christopher Miller thinks "it's disappointing" to hear Jonah Hill use the gay slur and also finds it ironic that one scene in "22 Jumpstreet" talks about why any gay slur shouldn't be used.
China) and Xun (China Film Art Research Center and China Film Archive, Beijing, China) offer interviews with China's new generation of movie directors working in the era of recent reforms.
MOVIE CHANCE: The Fact centre, and movie director M Night Shyamalan
Ms Clayton, who is a movie director and screen writing lecturer for the University of London and the British Film Council, was commissioned by diet Coke to carry out the research in order to be tter understand what the British public love about popular movies.
In the decade prior to her tenure at ILM, Healy worked on live action feature films with movie directors including Sam Peckinpah, Stanley Kramer and Hal Ashby.
Eight major studios, which own the copyrights to the films, filed a lawsuit Friday in federal court in Denver, backing legal action by movie directors who claim the editors violate copyright laws.
On February 17, Warner Home Video proudly introduces on DVD three internationally acclaimed award-winners from two of the greatest movie directors ever.
The Directors Guild of America on Friday fired back against a lawsuit by a Denver video franchise which sued 16 high-profile movie directors as part of its effort to get a legal ruling on its practice of editing popular movies.
Movie directors have hailed the product as a breakthrough for their industry and they applaud its non-destructive approach to the editing process.
Top movie directors may request maze work - where an animal, usually a dog, walks through a maze to retrieve an object.
com provides an entertaining communication forum for consumers interested in Irish arts to interact with Irish artists -- be they authors, poets, actors, playwrights, craftspeople, movie directors or visual artists.
Movie directors usually have a bigger say in how the story is told than do scriptwriters.
Two movie directors who lived and worked by a macho code are remembered in the mags this month: Howard Hawks in Civilization, and Raoul Walsh in Cowboys & Indians.
John Dahl is one of the most acclaimed young movie directors of the '90s, a critics' darling who specializes in stylish, intriguing tales of sex, money and murder.