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Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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Therefore, it is appropriate that the first Nijinsky Awards should be presented here, and lavishly presented under the patronage of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, daughter of the American movie actress Grace Kelly and Monaco's Prince Rainier III.
After leading a wild private life for years, the movie actress had been sharply advised by her studio to "clean up" her reputation for the sake of the box office.
In this fictionalized version of her life, Lawrence is discovered still alive in a nursing home in Buffalo, She's 106 years old and full of stories about her days as a child star and movie actress, But she'd rather not talk about the body buried in her grave or why she may have faked her own suicide more than half a century before, Both filmmaker Ben Sheehan and his twin brother, Richard, a gay freelance writer, hope to be the first to untangle Lawrence's life story, and their rivalry provides a cool counterpoint to her mesmerizing memories,
However, the organization was purchased by a movie actress who was jailed for her financial handling of the group, according to Bellini.
Cambodian movie actress Piseth Pilika died at a Phnom Penh hospital Tuesday following last week's gun attack against her and her 7-year-old niece while shopping.
But the venue got more than it bargained for last fall when it put movie actress Tilda Swinton on show and over 21,000 people, including several national news crews, turned up in a single week.
The Hunger Games was the night's big winner taking home five awards including "Favorite Movie" while its star, Jennifer Lawrence, walked away with three of her own including "Favorite Movie Actress.
Shailene Woodley and Ansel were honoured with several surfboards, particularly awards for choice drama movie actor and breakout movie star for Elgort and choice drama and action movie actress for Divergent star Woodley.
The pal added that the American movie actress was worried that the police might charge her brother in the case.
The show kicked off Wednesday night with Sandra Bullock receiving the award for favorite movie actress.
LIVERPOOL stage star Jennifer Ellison has joined the cast of the West End's Singin' In The Rain as silent movie actress Lina Lamont.
THE father and brother of a Harry Potter movie actress have been charged with threatening to kill her.
Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series, was nominated for favorite movie actor and Stewart was nominated for favorite movie actress.
Summary: Iranian authorities prevented a well-known movie actress and a film maker from traveling to the United States because of their activities after a disputed election in June, a newspaper reported Saturday.
9 Who was arrested in 2003 on suspicion of murdering movie actress Lana Clarkson?