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Synonyms for stain

Synonyms for stain

to soil with foreign matter

to impart color to

a discolored mark made by smearing

a mark of discredit or disgrace

something that imparts color

Synonyms for stain

(microscopy) a dye or other coloring material that is used in microscopy to make structures visible

the state of being covered with unclean things

a symbol of disgrace or infamy

an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

color with a liquid dye or tint

produce or leave stains

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

color for microscopic study

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Structure MMPS Results 1 Rodlike Bright yellow Corallike Yellow-green 2 Rodlike Bright yellow Corallike Yellow-green 3 Rodlike Yellow Corallike Dark-olive green 4 "Stacked plates" Light-blue tinged 5 "Stacked plates" Light-blue tinged 6 "Stacked plates" Light-blue tinged 7 "Stacked plates" Light-blue tinged or unstained 8 "Wheat sheaves" Sea-green, loss of birefringence Tablet control Rodlike Bright yellow Maltese cross Unstained Paper control Rodlike Bright yellow Abbreviations: IVDA, intravenous drug abuse; MCC, microcrystalline cellulose; MMPS, modified Russell Movat pentachrome stain. (a) Particles, nonbirefringent.
It contained "jelly"-like contents that on microscopic examination were on the outer part of the artery wall; the contents were bluish by routine hematoxylin, phloxine, and saffron and Movat pentachrome stains (Figure 1; M indicates media; A, adventitial material).