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any part of the mouth of an insect or other arthropod especially one adapted to a specific way of feeding

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Feeding damage often indicates the mouthparts of the offending insect.
1A), on the mouthparts, ventrally at the union of the cranium and prothorax, and on the seventh abdominal segment.
I examined them carefully, especially their mouthparts, under a dissecting microscope for traces of dye to determine whether they had captured any of the spiderlings, or dyed jumping spiders in the case of undyed individuals.
All of these bugs (including aphids) have sucking mouthparts and live on plant sap.
The preferred technique is to grasp the mouthparts of the tick close to the skin with tweezers and pull gently upward with steady force.
The head, which includes a pair of compound eyes and mouthparts, carries antennae that can sense certain chemicals.
Using a pair of pointed precision* tweezers, grasp the tick by the head or mouthparts right where they enter the skin.
They have bizarrely shaped legs and mouthparts, and--more like birds or mammals than flies--defend small mating territories where they engage in elaborate courtship dances.
Onion maggots use their hook-shaped mouthparts to feed on young onions, ultimately killing the plant.
They have no true head, but their mouthparts are anteriorly attached and visible from dorsal view.
Back at the hive, the bees `ripen' or dehydrate the nectar droplets by spinning them inside their mouthparts until honey is formed.
Usually over 2-4 minutes the tick will back out from the skin with the mouthparts intact.
As in most other dipteran flies, it is only the females that suck blood; the males have less robust mouthparts and suck only nectar.
They use their long, thin mouthparts to pierce skin and suck up a meal.