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This was done mainly at the behest of Kandinsky, who had a keen interest in modern music and devoted the closing paragraphs of On the Spiritual in Art to a discussion of it, placing Schoenberg's use of dissonance in the context of the innovations of Wagner, Moussorgsky, Debussy, and Scriabin, and by implication equating Schoenberg's dissonant aesthetic with his own venture into the aesthetics of abstraction.
4 by Pyotr Tchaikovsky; "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks" from Modest Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" and polka from "The Golden Age" by Dmitry Shostakovich.
Moussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Night on the Bare Mountain; others.
In July 2003, the Lincoln Center Festival presents the Kirov Opera in performances of Prokofiev's "Semyon Kotko," Moussorgsky's "Khovanshchina," Verdi's "La Forza del Destino," Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh" and Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin."
It is interesting to compare what was happening in music at the time: Moussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Cui, Borodin and Balakirev.
(20) He goes straight on to attempt to penetrate Debussy's manner: 'un emploi constant de la monodie, une declamation dont seuls les drames de Moussorgsky, inconnus alors en France, offrent l'exemple'.
The opening night production was Modest Moussorgsky's "Boris Godunov," the tragic tale of a guilt-ridden Russian czar and his troubled life in the 16th century.
Both the caprice and the totality of the ruler's authority found expression in Moussorgsky's famous "Song of the Flea," in which a king bestows upon a favorite flea a velvet kaftan, and also "complete freedom."