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colloquial term for a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Russell, 70, of Barkisland, near Halifax, who claims to have the world's largest collection of model Mounties, flew out to reclaim it.
Mounties had to race along the tarmac when he lunged past a baggage handler during a stopover in Canada and dropped his pants.
Since Benton is regularly given advice by his dead Mountie dad, I'm pleased to hear it.
Fans who like both cop and Mountie, but believe that the real star is Diefenbaker, will be glad to know that the deaf, lip-reading wolf is back again as the third member of the team.
But Beverly Hill babes were no competition in the UK for the earnest Mountie and his mouthy partner, the Chicago cop Ray Vecchio (David Marciano).
Paul, 36, almost turned down the chance to play the Mountie who heads for Chicago with his trusty husky, and joins forces with a scruffy local cop played by David Harciano.
This time it was the Mountie who was at home and the 'tec from the Windy City who found it tricky to adjust.
One of the goals of the Mountie Superstar initiative is to recognize outstanding individuals from all aspects of our operations, since every member of our district team plays a vital role in the experience of our students, every day," noted Ramapo Central School District Deputy Superintendent Stephen Walker.
It also entrenched the all-too-pervasive sexist attitudes, so prevalent at the time, and the long-standing exclusionary culture that pitted not only the male officers but also Mountie wives against the female Mounties.
To demonstrate the role of the Mounties, I compared settlements that in the late 1890s were near Mountie forts with those that were not.
I shouldered my Mountie and as I levered my action I saw the cottontail tumble before me.
All because they got every bomb attack right, Mountie got the job done like a flying Canadian Mountie who always got his man.
Tragedy on Jackass Mountain; more stories from a small-town Mountie.
Starting with the late nineteenth-century colonial press and continuing through the turn-of-the-century fiction market, interwar radio and film, and postwar television and commodity culture, the Mountie has appeared, both earnestly and satirically, at the centre of national mythologies about Canadian liberal democracy.
I finally have vindication," Tahmourpour told Canada's National Post from his home in Mississauga, Ontario, saying he intends to return to the academy to fulfill his dream of becoming a Mountie.