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the largest city in Michigan and a major Great Lakes port

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As part of the Ford and UAW-Ford investment, the expanded Motown Museum will include:
Museum-attendees can visit Studio A, the first Motown recording studio and participate in group tours to peruse famous Motown memorabilia.
com dazzling dance moves and glittering costumes galore the elusive, authentic sound of Motown is recreated by our incredible Magic of Motown band.
Things escalate: Gordy calls Gaye "boy,'' the artist implies the Motown chief is a liar.
Show producer Michael Taylor says: "says: "T Incredibly, 100 more Motown No1s followed worldwide.
The Magic of Motown show, now in its tenth year and with an all-new production, re-captures the golden days of the popular music and is taking it on a 100-date tour.
Powell didn't sing or write songs, but those associated with Motown say she was as essential to the label's operations as any performer or producer, as director of the company's Artists Development Dept.
In 2012, once again our hit show from the States The Magic of Motown is appearing at prestigious venues across the country.
To mark the occasion, the producers have put together the biggest Magic of Motown in the show's nine-year history.
Touring spectacular, The Magic of Motown, features 36 chart-toppers from The Supremes, Temptations, Four Tops, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves and Lionel Richie among others.
DIRECT from the USA and celebrating 50 years of number one Motown hits, the Magic of Motown tribute concert show is coming to town.
THE Magic of Motown is coming to Newtown in October.
After more than half a century, the music of Motown not only thrives, it transcends generations.
MOTOWN'S GREATEST HITS/ BOLLYWOOD LEGENDS: Belgrade Theatre MOTOWN and Bollywood are taking over Coventry.
London, November 08 (ANI): Singing legends Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder may perform at the 50th anniversary celebrations of record label Motown.