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Synonyms for motorbike

small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars


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ride a motorcycle

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We later found out that the motorbike which he was riding was stolen,' he told.
According to SP, the gang whose 2 members escaped during the encounter stole and snatched motorbikes from Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Dadu, Jamshoro and other districts.
Another school of thought says the reason for the ubiquitous 'Nwanyi Nnewi,' (the motorbikes) is because the city has a thriving motorbike industry and being a common place it is often given as gifts to customers, friends and others.
Singapore-based ride hailing app Grab has added motorbike taxis to its inventory in Phnom Penh, becoming the first app of its kind to offer the popular motodop service.
On the other hand, a motorcyclist identified as Shehzad Ahmed was killed after the motorbike he was travelling on was hit head-on by a speeding rickshaw on Dipalpur Road near Talwandi.
Though, the paid parking system for the motorbikes was not announced by the RTA, the parking inspectors have already started issuing fines to motorcyclists parking in the non-designated areas.
There's no doubt that, however sensible your lad might be, the combination of young man and motorbike is often fatal or results in life-changing injuries.
To a query about the fabrication of the motorbike, he said thatthere were two companies in open bidding, including renowned Honda Atlas, the manufacturer of Honda motorbikes and Ahmad Medix (Life Care).
An off-road motorbike TOWING a push bike cut across her path before the tunnel - and then as she pedalled through the darkness a motorbike came at her head-on.
The High Court injunction applies where there are two or more vehicles - including motorbikes - involved in behaviour such as speeding, racing and performing stunts, causing problems such as risk of injury and damage, noise and nuisance to others.
BEIRUT: Security forces in the southern city of Sidon cracked down on electric motorbikes Wednesday, confiscating an unspecified "large quantity" of vehicles from unsuspecting and law abiding motorists.
Summary: The inspection was carried out in all industrial areas in Sharjah as it has been noticed that there were large number of unlicensed motorbikes.
Slovakia's Peter Sagan and Portuguese Sergio Paulinho were sent crashing to the ground by motorbikes during last year's Vuelta, while Belgian Greg van Avermaet, who was soloing towards victory, was dismounted by a motorbike at the Clasica San Sebastian.
The events will include a number of activities, such as motorbike and classic car show, as well as showcasing the latest models of motorbikes and their associated technologies.
JEDDAH: Motorbikes are among the most important means of transportation in Makkah during Ramadan because they are easy to use and cope easily with congestion in the central area next to the Grand Mosque.