mother lode

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the main vein of ore in a deposit

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Adam calls the occurrence the Mother Load [sic: his mother has loaded him up, as it were, with support] Pocket Complex, and his development of it is ongoing.
We've already established there are smaller deposits, but you're always looking for that mother load that will pay for the infrastructure.
Less touching, but certainly a motivating essay, is Terri Minsky's "The Mother Load.
Frank went around the table introducing the members of Mother Load and told her about our upcoming appearance at Ozzfest, making promises we'd be back with backstage passes for her and all her friends.
Evidently, though, the mother load is requesting permission to dock, as JULIE GOODYEAR has been telling creator BRIAN PARK how much she loves the show.
The company may have hit the mother load this weekend, announcing that it and its partners Chevron (CVX) and Statoil (STO) made the deepest successful well test in the Gulf of Mexico.
Vans has the mother load when it comes to Disney/Pixar clothing items.
neighbor's mother load whistling all the while the sunshine lasted