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Synonyms for mothball

a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing

put into long-term storage

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In Lundsteen's experience, tactics like ammonia, moth balls, loud music, repellents and LED lights won't solve a skunk problem.
Some of the items needed for some might be difficult to obtain (moth balls for example) but it is amazing what you can demonstrate with a bottle of cola and some bicarb.
The small number of moth balls that are not made from naphthalene are not affected by the restrictions.
of Idaho administration took heed and demanded that the skimpy uniforms, which were estimated to have cost around $4,200, be put in moth balls in favor of a more fan-friendly/conservative wardrobe after the school received complaints from parents, alumni, and community members that the uniforms weren't appropriate.
The council cannot come to an agreement with regard to repairs that need to be done and the theatre has been in moth balls for yonks.
You may not have seen anything about moth balls. These are made from a highly toxic chemical, para-dichloro-benzene that can cause nausea, headache, kidney, liver and lung damage.
The answer is moth balls! They hate them and they're cheap to buy too.
Then there was a delightful moth infestation, which meant the whole house had to be boobytrapped with moth balls.
His message was that our grandmothers, and possibly our mothers, needed moth balls. But our generation grew up with the happy prospect of Robocop repellents which kept swarms at bay.
Now it's time to "categorize." First, store any winter stuff you won't need for a while in the attic with moth balls to keep the moths away.
"It is totally revolutionary because it combines the element of protection and cedar, plus the benefit of storage," which differs from cedar wood-based products or petro-chemicals, such as moth balls and moth cakes, Lenahan says.
While one in Twelve reported having unhappy childhoods, those with them were more likely to describe somewhat unusual childhood odors including: moth balls, body odor, dog waste, sewer gas and bus fumes.
Two odors were employed: chocolate and moth balls. Chocolate was diffused as previously.
A catalogue of cat repellents that I have used include pepper, special cat pellets, chilli powder, tea bags, coffee grounds, orange peel, chicken manure pellets, moth balls, plastic netting, carpet grippers and I have recently purchased a pair of ultrasonic repellant devices.
Other suggestions for mice repellents outdoors include Olbas Oil on old tea bags left on the surface of the pea and bean row, plus broken up moth balls.