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The Moslem Archbishop had been emphatic and over-arrogant; the young prince was merely sulky at the curtailment of his privileges, but there was no need he should continue a correspondence which might some day compromise him.
He was the founding editor of the journal Moslem World, organized two major international conferences on Christian work among Muslims, and was a leader and promoter of the Student Volunteer Missionary Movement.
Once upon a time in the ancient city of Jerusalem, three sons were born: one a Jew, one a Christian and one a Moslem. The old woman in charge of the nursery could not see well and, alas, the three babies were mixed up.
A conspicuous fact in the history of Muslim domination in Egypt, said Presbyterian Charles Watson, "is the superiority of the the Moslem in mental ability." (48) The Muslim history, he claimed, "is for the most part a story of war, revolution, and tyranny." (49) As regards to Muslim's integrity, Watson said, "for the most part the history of Moslem Egyptian actions presents a record of treachery parried only by greater treachery." (50) Islam was also attacked for its treatment of women.
Moors also prefer the Anglicized spelling of Muslim, proclaiming that they foster the Moslem religion, and refer to their formulation of Islam as Islamism, "a distinct doctrine divinely prepared by Prophet Noble Drew Ali for our earthly and divine salvation." [17] Their New Year is celebrated annually on January 15, seven days after the birth day of Ali; they hyphenate their surnames with "Bey" or "El." The name change is liberating in at least two ways -- communally as an illustration of a new nationality that enables followers to cope with cultural and political oppression, and individually as the recognition of one's humanity the dominant culture had denied.