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a city of central European Russia

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Moskou et Ittema (1997) affirment a propos de la performance que le bruit augmente le nombre d'erreurs lorsqu'on effectue un travail ou une tache mentale.
Bulletin of the University of Moskou, International Series, 1A: 1-25, 1937.
Forest en Johnson (2002) stel in hulle artikel 'Unraveling the threads of history: Soviet-era monuments and post-Soviet national identity in Moscow' ondersoek in na kontinuiteite en diskontinuiteite in post-Sowjet identiteitsformasie deur in te gaan op die maniere waarop daar tydens die 1990's in en tussen elite en publieke diskoerse debat en stryd oor sleutelmonumente in Moskou gevoer is.
The gold coins barrs of gold & silver, the Juwels I found in a churchs cellar in Moskou all is enclosed in strong grapeshot boxes & so it can remain there for hundred years without becoming changed.
(50) Bakhtin had developed his ideas on carnivalesque literature first in his dissertation on Rabelais (original edition Moskou 1965; English translation by H.