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Synonyms for mosaic

art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass

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viral disease in solanaceous plants (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco) resulting in mottling and often shriveling of the leaves

a pattern resembling a mosaic

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transducer formed by the light-sensitive surface on a television camera tube

arrangement of aerial photographs forming a composite picture

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Bangma of Bangma's Farm and Dairy Bar in Uxbridge make ice cream sundaes for students from Mosiac Mill.
The far-side Clementine mosiac on the page after next shows clearly the scattered patches of dark mare lavas and craters with bright rays.
The illustration on Page 13 is described as an eighth-century mosiac that "shows the Virgin Mary bathing the child Jesus." This, of course, is false.
In Scotland, after 2000, there was a recognition that even the regulatory and planning systems for non-market housing were needlessly different across council and RSL provision, so that the sector was not a functional system but a disconnected mosiac of different rights and processes.
In clinical practice, we have used alternatives to SIB that have been drawn from suggestions by individuals who self-injure or by other authors (e.g., Alderman, 1997; GeoCities, n.d.; Mosiac Minds, n.d.;, n.d.) as being effective in minimizing and decreasing SIBs.
From wrapping paper to mosiac stepping stones, African rain sticks, paper mache sculptures, clay vases and more, Art On A Shoestring is brimming with ideas for creative stimulation.
Inspired by George Sand's 1837 novel Les Maitres Mosaistes (The Mosiac Masters), he recruited several descendants of their original makers to his new enterprise from 1859, and within a decade their creations were decorating some of Europe's leading buildings, including the lobby of the Houses of Parliament and the Paris Opera.
The gonads of Cryptasterina hystera were a mosiac of oogenic and spermatogenic areas (Figs.
"Goaded to phrensy [sic] in its conflicts with conscience and common sense and reason, denied all quarters, and hunted from every convert, it vaults over the sacred enclosures, and courses up and down the Bible," seeking rest and finding none; the law of love glowing on every page, flashes around in omnipotent anguish and despair, and shrinks from the hatred [sic] light, and howls under the consuming torch, as demons quailed before the Son of God, and screeched aloud, "torment us not." At last it shrinks away under the types of the Mosiac system, and seeks to borrow [sic] out to sight as among the shadows vain hopes.
(Van Meter and Cowan 47) The "data line" passing through the plane of the superhero "drawing board" and condensing in the nanotechnology laboratory is a clear analogue of "long-range vision," the graphical link between contemporary media mosiac and future technology.
Mosiac of thought: Teaching comprehension in a reader's workshop.
Derrida's prior assertion that Abrahamic revelation occurred as "absolute events" would, by way of contrast, imply that Derrida affirms a more traditional belief in Mosiac revelation.
Mervyn Nicholson's "Eat--or Be Eaten" (Mosiac 24 [Fall 1991]: 191-210) discusses Goethe, Patrick White, Castaneda, Schopenhauer, Shakespeare, Aldous Huxley, Keats, Blake, Bunyan, Thoreau, Melville, Milton, Strindberg, H.G.
Q I'VE recently decorated my bathroom with grey mosiac and slate tiles.
Catastrophic The norm, Behaviour Bifurcations: moments of unpredictable behaviour Flips: sudden discontinuity Holling four-box cycle: shifting steady state mosiac Chaotic Be- our ability to forecast and predict is always limited, haviour for example to about five days for weather forecasts, regardless of how sophisticated our computers are and how much information we have (Kay et al.