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Synonyms for mortgage

to give or deposit as a pawn

Words related to mortgage

a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan

put up as security or collateral

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Secure Note Capital's primary objectives with any Real Estate Mortgage Note are to Preserve and Protect capital and generate regular hassle-free income.
Alvarado evidences the true intent of UCC section 3-309: A transferee of a mortgage note should be permitted to foreclose if it can establish a valid chain of title without having to prove that it possessed the lost note prior to bnnging its foreclosure action, as the Uniform Law Commission and the American Law Institute's UCC section 3-309 Official Comment 2 indicates.
Article 3 impacts mortgage notes. It will then consider the strange cases in several states that seem to disregard Article 3's requirements in non-judicial foreclosures.
The problem has arisen out of failure to record the multiple assignments and to preserve the original mortgage notes or copies which must be presented to the courts in foreclosure proceedings.
1.357-1(c), B will be subject to Federal income tax on $600,000 of realized gain (i.e., all of the liabilities F assumed are treated as boot, including the otherwise-benign assumption of the purchase money mortgage note).
Next, the attorney or title representative will explain the Deed of Trust, the mortgage note, lender instruction forms, and the transaction settlement sheet to the buyer.
"I sell them the property and we have a closing ceremony, but l take back the mortgage note." His mortgages are typically for five years, yet employees' monthly payments are comparable to rents, as the homes tend to be fixer-uppers in ungentrified areas.
Instead of concentrating on minute details of the borrower's credit history as institutional lenders do, private mortgage note holders concentrate their due diligence efforts on the real estate securing the loan.
Earlier this year, the federal receiver sorting out the Capital Consultants debris sold the mortgage note for a fraction of its face value to an arm of the Goldman Sachs financial group.
The trust was subordinate to a self-liquidating senior mortgage note with an original balance of $157.2 million within the Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) 2005-C6 transaction that was structured as a 15-year 'hyper' amortizing facility.
Under Fuquan's leadership NNG has successfully managed three private mortgage note funds that primarily invest in single-family residential real estate debt (notes).
"Mountain America implements a hybrid process that combines both legally operative electronic signatures with wet signatures for the mortgage note," the release also said.
Repayment incen tives are created without changing the terms of the original mortgage note, or requiring added documentation or disclosures from the participating homeowner.
He said the first mortgage note is valued at $290 million, though the property could be worth less than that because it is in need of renovations.