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a telegraph code in which letters and numbers are represented by strings of dots and dashes (short and long signals)

United States portrait painter who patented the telegraph and developed the Morse code (1791-1872)

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The new Moses Lake facility should be up and running by April or May 2009, at which time the Wenatchee plant will close, Morse said.
Morse, of course, fits perfectly into the television crime drama genre, exuding that quintessential Britishness and traditional values, which are carefully reflected in the topography - and speaking to Dexter, you can understand why.
I wouldn't want them not to tip the character of Morse every now and then, and you can't change too much because it's still Oxford and it's still the same character of Lewis, but it's very different now," he explains.
While Morse, as CFO, has overall responsibility for the company's compliance efforts, those in the implementation-management functions have day-to-day responsibilities for compliance.
A spokesperson for Morse said that the partnership would allow Tarantella to reach a broad customer base in the UK, while enabling Morse to offer the integrated solutions demanded by these customers.
A prototype fire engine failed in a public demonstration, prompting one spectator to write: "Mr Morse better stick to his brush, he will do well enough then but as to Engines he'd better let them alone.
The sending telegraph operator closed and opened the key to send Morse code in short and long patterns of electric current to the receiver.
Morse called Japan the "Godzilla of competition," and predicted the country would be back with a vengeance in a year or two as it moves ahead of everyone else in forging digital pop culture.
Kevin Morse, PMA-241's deputy assistant program manager for logistics, and two contractor support personnel spent about three weeks in Afghanistan establishing connectivity between Army Special Forces and Navy tactical aircraft for the exchange of imagery and intelligence.
Such questions come to mind when talking to botanist Larry Morse of NatureServe, a biodiversity conservation group in Arlington, Va.
The past is certainly not yet done with Jack Nicholson or David Morse in Sean Penn's dark tale of tortured memories.
It is the 33rd - and final - Morse film, which sees a year-long murder investigation in a quiet Cotswold village end in the death of the melancholy, mean-spirited main man himself, Inspector Morse.
But WOWO Radio's Kevin Morse has found a way to give listeners the blend of local and national news they're looking for.
IT'S the very last Inspector Morse case for John Thaw.
A recent open house demonstrated the support and enthusiasm the Rock by Rail program has generated both inside Morse Bros.