air-raid shelter

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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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The Morrison shelter in the foreground of the unidentified picture may have been ours or that of our neighbours at number 37 where sadly four of our neighbours died.
The Morrison shelter is also up for grabs if you feel the latent need for extra night-time protection from falling missiles from the dark skies above, or you have not been out or read a newspaper since 1940
All I remember was a ready packed case beside our Morrison shelter ( a rectangular steel box about 6ft by 4ft) in our dining room in which we slept and took cover during air raids.
There was even a tubular indoor air-raid shelter, a prototype of the Morrison shelter, named after Hull.
Speaking proudly about her design of a Morrison shelter, Raven Taylor said: "I loved making the shelter.
According to Mr Hughes, one family was killed by fire when, after using their Morrison shelter as a cage in the dining room to protect themselves from the raid, they could not escape.