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United States rock singer (1943-1971)

United States writer whose novels describe the lives of African-Americans (born in 1931)

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The NMC panel conducting the hearing, noted: "Mrs Morrison's case involves a lack of honesty and probity.
The book is divided into five parts, each of which is headed by a quote from Morrison's latest novel, as the essays grapple with themes that are also prevalent in Home, and framed by a couple of poems that belong to acclaimed poets Rita Dove and Sonia Sanchez.
Born in Ireland in 1945, Morrison's musician parents schooled him well in jazz and blues.
Morrison's education, both on the road and in the office, makes him one of the premiere brokers in the mid-south.
Fergie became exasperated with Morrison's off-field antics, which included a court appearances and a PS7,000 fine from the FA for a homophobic remark on Twitter.
Goulimari deftly condenses and contextualizes Morrison's biography.
The collection's first two essays, Keren Omry's "Baldwin's Bop 'N' Morrison's Mood: Bebop and Race in James Baldwin's Another Country and Toni Morrison's Jazz," and Anna Kerchy's "Narrating the Beat of the Heart, Jazzing the Text of Desire: A Comparative Interface of James Baldwin's Another Country and Toni Morrison's Jazz," examine the authors' approaches to subject position and narrative construction, emphasizing parallels in the ways in which Baldwin and Morrison use music (bebop and jazz) simultaneously as theme and as a mode of narrative structure.
The words and images ebb and flow like a tide, rich with the beauty of Morrison's voice.
Experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison's recent show, which centered on the feature-length Decasia, 2002, fell into alignment with this convergence; Morrison's films, which use decayed footage as medium and metaphor, elegize the avantgarde tradition even as they make the case for its continued relevance.
The question that leaps to mind when visiting Allies and Morrison's new offices in Southwark, is why does this not look like an Allies and Morrison building?
Morrison's new bid is only slightly higher than its original offer, but it contains a significant 634 [pounds sterling] million cash element.
NOVEMBER NOT ONLY MARKS THE PUBLICATION OF TONI Morrison's eagerly anticipated eighth novel, Love, but it is also the tenth anniversary of her Nobel Prize for Literature.
Ten or 15 years ago, there was a smaller percentage of vehicles that had aluminum wheels," Bill Morrison of Morrison's Auto Parts in Edgerton, Wis.
The Aesthetics of Toni Morrison brings together seven new essays and one reprint on the aesthetics at work in Morrison's novels and in her Nobel Prize speech.
The firm said it was suing former Morrison's chairman and chief executive, Sir Fraser Morrison, and its former group operations director, Stephen McBrierty.