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My mood descended into one of morosity when I tackled - after another long wait - my main course.
The result is an attitude of accommodation, rigidity, morosity, and low esteem (7) within the public service (144-46).
In 1998, in the midst of acute public morosity in Italy caused by a wave of public scandals, John Paul II made a strong intervention, imbued with Christian realism, denouncing demagogical attacks upon political leaders and institutions:
It's there in the magazines "Mainmise" and "Le Temps fou," which were kicking up their heels in the time of morosity. The Quebecois tend to refer to the '70s, not the late '60s, as the time of youth revolt.
He then begins a very critical period of unease, ill-being, insecurity, morosity, intense stress, a deep feeling of loneliness together with the feeling of being abandoned, of being left to his own devices, of having lost some or all of his facilities, of "flipping".