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a soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin

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Rabat Spanish police have arrested a 25-year old suspect in Elda, Spain for his alleged links to the ISIS, Spanish security services announced on Twitter.El Matinal said on August 29 that the suspect is a Moroccan national.
The relationship between anthropology and literature is a discussion for a different day; in any case, the talk opens — after a reading that sets the audience into giggles — with a discussion of the use of Moroccan colloquial.
15 -- (BNA): Moroccan Migration Affairs Minister Anis Birou hailed the distinctive bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Morocco fostered by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and HM King Mohammed VI of Morocco.
In the grand sanctuary of Manhattan's Congregation Shearith Israel last Thursday, a group of more than 200 people gathered to hear from the leaders of Mimouna, a group of Moroccan Muslims dedicated to preserving Jewish Moroccan culture.
Algiers closed the border with Morocco in 1994, after that Rabat started imposing visa entry on Algerian nationals, following a bomb attack in Marrakesh, which Moroccans attributed to Algerian services.
He also recalled that statistics for the 2013-2014 period show that "Russian imports of Moroccan produce increased by 40pc", noting that Russians are fond of Moroccan citrus fruits and fish.
Hasad, who was talking during a general session of the Moroccan House of Representatives, said that a huge number of the Moroccan terrorists are leaders of extremist groups, and they plan to implement terrorist attacks in Morocco as a big number of them went to Syria and Iraq to train, Al-Manar reported.
Fatima said that she feels sorry for Assi, who thought he was doing Moroccans a favour by singing in their dialect to show his love for them, when in fact his single backfired instead.
Praia - A cemetery of Moroccan Jews who had emigrated to Cape Verde in the 19th century ended was renovated.
MaEaAozouz also met the Qatari Minister of State for Home Affairs, Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and held talks focused on ways to further strengthen bilateral cooperation to promote the situation of Moroccans residing in Qatar.
Then the cell began recruiting Moroccans to send them secretly through Moroccan-Algerian borders.
Summary: Among the relations that Moroccans maintain with other countries, the one they keep with Spain is by no means the most passionate.
The school visits, she said, "show to Moroccans that there are other Moroccans with other religious beliefs."
The exhibit also includes embroidered pieces featuring shapes of meaning and significance, such as what Moroccans call the Khmissa, i.e.
Last November, dozens of Moroccans protested a visit by Livni to Tangiers to participate in an international forum, AL JAZEERA NET reported.