Mormon State

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Can you picture Alabama establishing the Baptist faith as its state religion, Utah becoming a Mormon state, New York Jewish and maybe Hawaii Buddhist?
From the Mormon state comes Slug; It's a good example of a local alternative music 'zine, with show reviews and local band features, but has some bigger stuff in there as well (The Damned, Sick of it All, The Vandals), and a little skating and snowbrucing thrown in for good measure.
It was the first incident to mar the games in the Mormon state where there are strict controls on the sale of alcohol.
Rich's reports that southern Californians might yet prefer to be part of the Mormon state.
A Mormon state senator later admitted to me that he had advised the stake president to lower the boom.
All three deny it's a publicity stunt and insist they're planning a summer "wedding" in the Mormon state of Utah.
5 billion people are expected to tune in to watch the great festival of winter sport in the Mormon state of Utah.