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(of marriages) of a marriage between one of royal or noble birth and one of lower rank


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Alexander was determined to prevent his cousin Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich from entering into a morganatic marriage, but his efforts were in vain.
The lack of assent to a morganatic marriage by the Canadian parliament or any other Commonwealth parliament would have no legal effect.
In it he speaks of his love for Mrs Simpson and hints at the possibility of a morganatic marriage whereby she would not have been Queen.
While not opposed to the marriage, King Constantine was reluctant to give his approval on account of the precedent for a morganatic marriage which it might create.
In the rotten morganatic marriage between government and entertainment, metaphors are always instructive.
It describes the court of Emperor Franz Josef, the romance of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie, their morganatic marriage, and their exclusion, even humiliation, by the emperor and those around him.
Quoted in Lesley Hall, "'The English have hot water bottles': The morganatic marriage between sexology and medicine in Britain since William Acton," in Roy Porter and Mikulas Teich (eds), Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Science: The History of Attitudes to Sexuality (Cambridge, 1994), 353.
The king wanted a compromise, a morganatic marriage meaning that Wallis would not become Queen.
As for Camilla; wouldn't a morganatic marriage solve that problem?
There is talk of a morganatic marriage - one in which people of different social "ranks" marry but which allows neither the lower ranked person, nor any child from the marriage, to inherit the title or property of the higher ranking person.
A morganatic marriage means the wife of the sovereign and any children born are denied any claim upon the sovereign's rights, status or privileges - including a route to the throne.
The other option, in their view, is a morganatic marriage, which would debar Camilla from any right to share Charles's title.
There is talk of a morganatic marriage, in which he would reign but she would just be Mrs Camilla Windsor.
I think it should be a morganatic marriage - Camilla would not become queen.