Morgan le Fay

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(Arthurian legend) a wicked enchantress who was the half sister and enemy of King Arthur

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It is she who stands behind so much of the action and adventure in the stories, whether as Morgan le Fay sending a magical cloak which consumes to ashes anyone who puts it on, or as Ragnall setting Gawain to the supreme test of courtesy and love.
Chapter One investigates the figure of Morgan le Fay and a number of other, mostly female, characters across a variety of texts, quickly establishing the tone of the argument, which focuses more on what the role of fairies is in their respective narratives than on what they are actually like.
The powers of good and evil are represented by Morgan le Fay and Merlin as one would expect and along with Arthur's knights there is a supporting cast of elves, Saxons and dragons.
"I've actually been in Doctor Who three times, as the Princess of France and Sarah Kingdom - an evil space spy - with William Hartnell, and Morgan Le Fay in Camelot with Sylvester McCoy."
"Morgan Le Fay is such a famous figure in the Merlin legends," she smiles.
He also marks page 8 of volume one, which describes the marriages of Arthur's sisters Morgause, Elaine, and Morgan le Fay.
You know the story of King Arthur and his Queen; of the sorcery of Merlin and Morgan le Fay; and of the tragic love between Guinevere and Lancelot.
A remix of the traditional legend of King Arthur in which sorceress Morgan Le Fay is recast on the side of good and as Merlin's soulmate sounds like a treat.
Through use of the red monocle, Gregory and Yolanda travel through time into the legendary court of King Arthur of Camelot, where with the help of Merlin an his apprentice they must outwit the enchantress Morgan le Fay to rescue parallel worlds, ancient and modern.
The performance takes the audience on a journey back in time to the court of King Arthur Pendragon where Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table battle with Morgan Le Fay and the forces of evil.
Where was the chill of seduction, the fear that Arthur's most innocent of knights might be corrupted and perhaps a kingdom undermined by the darkness of Morgan Le Fay.
As well as Arthur, there was an array of colourful characters including brave Sir Gawain, the lovely Guinevere, and the villainous Morgan le Fay.
Stan will be joined on stage at the Irish Centre by various musical comrades including Archie Brown of the Young Bucks, international blues harpist Martin Fletcher (just back from touring in Holland and Belgium) and Cameron Smith of Morgan le Fay.
He reimagines traditional villain Mordred, the illegitimate son of King Arthur and Arthur's half sister Morgan le Fay, as a gay man wrongfully exiled and deprived of his rightful heritage; what's more, he's also the lover of Lancelot, the First Knight of Camelot.
The tales of Arthur, Merlin, Morgan le Fay et al fit right into this worldview.
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