Moreton Bay

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an arm of the Tasman Sea forming a bay to the east of Brisbane

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This gap in Aboriginal heritage research had occurred despite the considerable archaeological research interest in the Moreton Bay region generally (Hall 1982; Hall and Bowen 1989; Hall and Hiscock 1988; Hall and Robins 1984; Neal 1984; Neal and Stock 1986; Walters 1989; see also Ulm 1995).
More than half the population of the Moreton Bay region leaves the area for work every day, and more than four in five use their car.
On the western side of Moreton Bay where pollution and turbidity is high, seagrass survives at depths of up to one metre.
This sediment pollution has caused seagrass beds in Moreton Bay to decline.
More than half of the people who live in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area leave the region for work each day and almost nine out of 10 travel by car.
Past Russell it's away from the comfort of secure anchoring and short fetches and into Moreton Bay, that vast expanse of water spread with mud and sand banks.
"We've seen massive cancellations, and by actually getting engaged in Moreton Island again, and Moreton Bay, I think that's the best way Queenslanders can move forward," the Courier Mail quoted Hayden, as saying.
On their journey to Moreton Bay, the north and south arms of Pine River traverse an 808-square-kilometre catchment supporting a variety of land uses.
Light winds and a slow passage out of Moreton Bay on Friday afternoon dashed Ichi Ban's hopes of beating the race record of 20 hours 24 minutes and 50 seconds set by Skandia in 2004.
So it's no surprise that a model representing the complex ecosystem of Moreton Bay and its catchments should arise from the plethora of research and monitoring programs conducted as part of the Moreton Bay Study and the Regional Water Quality Management Strategy.