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United States writer and critic of urban planning (born in 1916)


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But they are incompatible, and for a given occupation or workplace one moral syndrome is more appropriate than the other.
Thus, Guardian occupations should be conducted in accordance with the Guardian moral syndrome, and should not follow Commercial moral precepts to any major degree.
The debate appears to have been about which moral syndrome would dominate the workplace.
In any case, throughout the accounting profession the Commercial moral syndrome became predominant.
Public accountants' responsibility for causing the current mess is in part the result of thinking they can have it both ways, that is, of trying to import the Commercial moral syndrome into the domain of auditing.
That is, I also believe that the root problem is a major shift in values, from a focus on what he terms professionalism and ethical values to a focus on commercial values, and what I have characterized as a shift from the Guardian to the Commercial moral syndrome.
In so doing, Sarbanes-Oxley leaves the AICPA free to act as a trade association, advancing the commercial interests of its members unencumbered by the conflicting demands of the Guardian moral syndrome.