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Synonyms for decline

Synonyms for decline

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

a downward slope or distance

Synonyms for decline

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Leave him be." Meanwhile, Steve Davison saw something a bit more profound about Edward's actions, thinking it was an example of the moral decline of the country.
Moral decline caused greed and loss for millions, and hope seemed to be one of America's old adages.
Conservatives no longer speak in such overwrought tones, but that doesn't mean their worries about America's moral decline have vanished.
According to the report, the faintest whiff of interfering with the natural state of the ball tens to bring out calls of outrage about the game's moral decline, adding that cricket was always a batsman's game.
Throughout his papacy, he strove to promote fundamental Christian values in the face of what he saw as moral decline. He will also, though, be remembered for his warmth towards other faiths and for campaigns for human rights, for the environment and for the fight against poverty and injustice.
They further corroborated their point of "moral decline" by observing that in other Muslim countries where women are allowed to drive the decline is already visible.
Just a sad indictment of today's youth and the moral decline of society.
| ROME, May 29 (KUNA) -- Italian prime minister Mario Monti called Tuesday for considering the suspension of Italian football competitions for up to three years to heal from corruption and moral decline resulted from repeated match-fixing scandals, triggering anger among clubs' owners.
Topics include: religious basis of solidarity, solidarity and cosmopolitanism, moral decline in post-Soviet Ukraine, the tension between liberalism and solidaristic values, and solidarity considered in an evolutionary context.
Britain as a whole is not in the grip of some general 'moral decline'."
The Bible clearly shows that social corruption stems from a moral decline, which stems from a spiritual decline.
British: Former British prime minister Tony Blair on Sunday attacked claims that "moral decline" was behind this month s riots, warning talk of a broken society could ruin the country s reputation abroad.
FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair has rubbished claims by David Cameron that Britain is in moral decline, accusing the Government of "a muddle-headed analysis" of the summer riots.
The decline in religious observance and attendance at worship are a major contributory factor in the social and moral decline of these countries.
"Corruption is the result of moral decline and must be eradicated.