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Synonyms for moot

Synonyms for moot

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

to put forth reasons for or against something, often excitedly

Synonyms for moot

a hypothetical case that law students argue as an exercise

of no legal significance (as having been previously decided)

open to argument or debate

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Ukraine currently has to content itself with inclusion in the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy, which does not purport to say anything one way or the other about future membership, still a moot point as far as Ukraine is concerned.
Whether the driver of a clamper van spotted parked on double yellow lines is guilty of extreme arrogance or plain ignorance is a moot point.
Whether or not the fans who greeted the final whistle with boos would agree is a moot point, as reports of a bust-up between Souness and a disgruntled supporter in the tunnel emanated from St James' Park.
But the equity's price will be a moot point as of today's close; Standard & Poor's is replacing it in the SPX with dental-services issue, Patterson Companies (PDCO) .
But whether they remain on course for an unprecedented whitewash of their opponents across all three formats this summer is perhaps a moot point.
STAPLERS JO is in danger of loosing the brood sires' championship, but whether to Spiral Nikita or Top Honcho is a moot point at present.
If commercial broadcasters grasped that inherent truth and if they could just become more risk-taking, all of this talk of a threat from satellite radio might be a moot point.
Whether that means the outlets for their community spirit are not available, or they are talking the talk without walking the walk, is a moot point.
But I think that it's a moot point whether such atrocities should be shown in full, in part, not at all or only after a certain time and appropriate warnings.
Bellamy seems lacking the confidence to use his speed to take on a defence though how much of this is down to his knees is a moot point.
PITTSBURGH -- The ongoing debate about whether a public hearing should be held regarding the operating permit for Asarco's El Paso's smelter is a moot point, according to United Steelworkers of America.
Of course, the fact that these murders were carried out by British soldiers makes collusion a moot point.
Whether or not that be on different military equipment for Afghanistan is a moot point.
JASON CRUMP is a worthy favourite for the Elite League Riders Championship at Poole this afternoon but whether he is any value at 7-4 in a high quality field is a moot point, writes Andy Smith.
Whether the bed-blocking gridlock can be totally blamed for the problems our hospitals face is a moot point.