Moorish arch

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a round arch that widens before rounding off

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Kayla said: "We would also like to see the museum park include a small heritage railway, running through the oldest railway tunnel in the world under city streets - Stephenson's 1829 Crown Street tunnel; which is a single track tunnel running from the site of the old Crown Street station to the Moorish Arch and back again.
If historic structures like Edge Hill's Moorish Arch have disappeared, then put replicas back.
It had been followed up with the flooring of the big podium, the stairs leading to the podium and the main building, the decoration of the Moorish arches at the dome and the big arches leading to the chamber.
The blending of European and Islamic arches can be seen in the keyhole-shaped Moorish arches.
Beneath a massive shimmering star chandelier, decorated with hundreds of diamond cut crystal beads, the tent's subtle fixtures are set within the golden Moorish arches.
Mahkama du Pacha: Moorish arches and richly decorated walls distinguish the Mahkama du Pacha (Courthouse of the Pasha), which dates back to the 1950s and today is a venue for official functions.
This all is enhanced by the elaborate interlacing Moorish arches in red marble that screen the verandas with jalis.
Swirling vine leaves and foliage carved in stone, Moorish arches, white and blue tiles, all add to the palace's beauty.