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Synonyms for Moorish

a style of architecture common in Spain from the 13th to 16th centuries

relating to or characteristic of the Moors


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Brazilian modernization, in this sense, was articulated in many ways as an Occidentalization project, one that went hand in hand with a process of self de-Orientalization aimed at cleansing the Sephardic/ Moorish traces from the veins of Latin America.
According to the historian and writer, Dr Ivan Van Sertima: "What we can say about Moorish science is that it was not European in its seminal inspiration and only minimally affected by Europeans before 1492.
Alcazar of Seville, a 9th century fortified Moorish castle (the oldest Royal residence in Europe), will be the Martells' home, the Water Gardens of Dorne.
Alcazar of Seville, a 9th century fortied Moorish castle (the oldest Royal residence in Europe), will be the Martells' home, the Water Gardens of Dorne.
Tzenni' in Noura's Hassaniya language translates as "to circulate", "to spin", "to turn", the name for a whirling dance performed to the music of Moorish griots, often under khaima tents, thrown up for street gatherings in the towns and out across the wide deserts of Mauritania.
Liam is already believed to pay ex Lisa Moorish, 42, PS2,000 a month in support for their daughter Molly, 16.
0317 control and protection systems - Substation PortimEuo, Bodiosa and Moorish.
99, Zara Home luxe buy Mixer, PS429, KitchenAid I recently went on holiday in Morocco and ever since I've had a bit of an obsession with Moorish design Table lantern, PS6.
Where the road turned south we saw a Moorish lookout tower from medieval
Women were obliged to cover their hair at all public gatherings and to augment their headpieces with a blue and oval Moorish pin, featuring the number 7 in a circle.
In which Spanish city is the Moorish palace the Alhambra?
In which Spanish city is the Moorish palace famous monastic community in 563?
The head is inspired by traditional Moorish people, a term used to describe the Medieval Muslim inhabitants of Sicily -- a place that consistently inspires Dolce & Gabbana designs and the native country of Domenico Dolce.
Connell's short story The Palace of the Moorish Kings, which South Carolina's Trustus Theatre mounts Aug.
Trips from the resort include to the city of Elche, resplendent with its Moorish architecture, while families will want to take the plunge at one of many water parks.