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French noblewoman who was mistress to Louis XIV until he became attracted to Madame de Maintenon (1641-1707)

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Madame de Montespan Anna Brewster Madame de Montespan is witty, graceful and probably the most ambitious woman at the court of Versailles.
Louis (George Blagden) with one of his mstresses, Nymphe (Alexia Giordano) and right, with Marie-Therese (Elisa Lasowski), Madame de Montespan (Anna Brewster) and Henriette (Noemie Schmidt)
Bossuet continued to preach against the King's adultery as Louis moved on from La Valliere to Madame de Montespan, a period that corresponds with the Tartuffe controversy.
Fellow labourers including Moulin (Danny Webb) rush to support Sabine in her epic undertaking and the gardener wins the approval of the king's mistress Madame De Montespan (Jennifer Ehle) by challenging the monarch's description of women in his court as faded and overblown roses.
Along with beauty and her fiery temper -- the latter an exciting quality while she still held onto that beauty -- de Montespan became notorious via her involvement with black magic.
5) En el Hotel d'Albret (rue des Francs-Bourgeois) se concentraban los ultimos fuegos de la "Preciosite," en donde conocio a jovenes damas, entre las cuales estaban Anne-Marie de la Tremoille y la futura madame de Montespan.
1923): Les manifestations ethnographiques et magiques sur les parois de la grotte de Montespan.
at last set aside in favor of the bewitching Madame de Montespan, she
fille naturelle de Louis XIV et de Mme de Montespan, qui etait celebre
Quando le corti tedesche sono meta di tournees dei commedianti italiani che una satira rivolta alla Montespan ha fatto cacciare dalla Francia nel 1697, Leibniz assiste probabilmente all'Arlecchino imperatore della luna di Nolant de Fatouville.
67) Montespan, 'Etude sur le marriage dans la circonscription des Adoumas,' Bulletin de la societe des recherches congolaises 12 (1930), 49, 59.
La presencia de una grafia grabada en el suelo --plataforma de gours en el Hornito-- es muy poco comun en la Cornisa Cantabrica, si bien es habitual en momentos avanzados del Magdaleniense pirenaico, como sucede en Oxocelhaya, Etxeberri, Labastide, Montespan, Bedeilhac o Niaux (Garate y Bourrillon, e.
de Montespan turned to magic in order to maintain her hold over Louis XIV's affections, and she wouldn't have done so had she not believed in the efficacy of magic.
As denunciations of suspects reached higher into the king's court officials, they finally implicated the royal mistress herself, Mme de Montespan, not in poisoning, but in the procurement of love potions to increase her influence over the king.