Monterey cypress

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tall California cypress endemic on Monterey Bay

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California has five of the country's 10 biggest champion trees: the General Sherman giant sequoia (biggest tree in the world; biggest champ by circumference, volume, and point total), coast redwood (tallest tree in the world and second biggest national champ), California-laurel (seventh biggest national champ, biggest native hardwood champ), sugar pine (biggest pine in the world, eight biggest national champ), and Monterey cypress (tenth biggest national champ).
Along this forbidding stretch of coastline, you might be impressed with just how hardy the Monterey cypress is.
Female flowers of the Nootka Cypress were fertilised by pollen from the Monterey Cypress.
Try the ocean-front Perimeter trail or just park and hit the key points including Cypress Grove, home to one of two naturally growing strands of Monterey Cypress in the world, Bird Island, Whaler's Cove and China Cove - with its dramatic sparkling jade-green waters framed by hanging Cliffside gardens.
The biggest Monterey cypress is also notable for having a 116-foot crown spread, second among conifers after the 130-foot crown of the Torrey pine.
Working in tandem with San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, and San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department, 150 Shaklee employees planted 225 Monterey Cypress and Pittosporum five-gallon trees in Marx Meadow of Golden Gate Park.
Look for 4- or 6-inch pots of Canada hemlock, false or Monterey cypress, and juniper.
Army base planted an urban forest of species such as eucalyptus and Monterey cypress on ridges and sand dunes; a report by a landscape engineer said the trees would "indirectly accentuate the idea of the power of government," according to an article in the New York Times.
Disdaining the current interstate preference for plotting the straightest distance between two points, this road instead follows every contour of the terrain, tucking inland to negotiate a canyon thick with Monterey cypress and redwood, then bending back to hug the edge of a coastal precipice.
japonicus 'Microphyllus'), dwarf myrtle (Myrtus communis 'Compacta'), and Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Gold Crest') trimmed as a topiary.
She has worked in the grove for only two years, but she has become a fixture as familiar to regular visitors as the grove's stone courtyard, its stately Monterey cypress and its flowering plants.
The company's efforts are focused primarily on wood from Eucalyptus and Monterey Cypress trees.
Better known for its wind-sculpted Monterey cypress, the reserve has fine stands of Monterey pines as well--a good place to see them is along the 0.
I tramp through forests of Monterey cypress, pine and eucalyptus.
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