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a native or resident of Montana

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And migration skews higher for college-educated Montanans under the age of 35.
Jean-Louis Flandrin and Massimo Montanan, "Introduction.
A wide swath of its history--from the low-lying Mongolian yurt to Ted Kaczynski's Montanan shack--is referenced by way of iconic examples.
The 49-year-old Montanan was once a Los Angeles cop.
Montanans mean what they say and say what they mean," said John Morse, the third-generation Montanan hired to run the ranch for his Japanese masters.
One of them is Oregon painter Joelle Smith, who does watercolors of ranch life: horses painted so you can practically hear them snort, cowboys presented with such careful detail you can differentiate a Nevada wrangler from a Montanan.
But like many of the Americans setting up shop in Prague, Montanan John Bruce Shoemaker sees dollars, not culture, from the dance floor of his thriving nightclub Ubiquity.
Hostile Takeover author David Sirota, a recent Montanan, calls him "the sharp tip of the spear, ripping through the thin veneer" of Democratic complacency.
In their introductions, Flandrin and Montanan duly note the formation of colonial empires that "subjected European cuisine to influences from the four corners of the globe" (p.
Where previously a Montanan could bury anyone he or she wanted on private land, the new regulations decreed one could only bury one's family.
Olszewski is a 3rd generation Montanan, the oldest of seven children, born and raised in Great Falls.
No Montanan should be without clean and reliable water," said Daines.
When traveling across Montana, one often sees bumper stickers proclaiming the driver is a native Montanan.
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