Montagu's harrier

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brownish European harrier

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The nesting sites of Montagu's harriers are a close-kept secret to prevent theft by egg collectors.
One of the charges related to the purchase of the stuffed Montagu's Harrier, which Mr Dodsworth admitted buying but said he had purchased before 1997, when it became illegal to do so.
Steve Rowland, of the RSPB, said: "With no more than a dozen pairs of Montagu's harrier nesting in England each year, it is the rarest breeding bird of prey in the UK.
One of the charges related to the purchase of a stuffed Montagu's harrier, which Dodsworth admitted buying but said he had purchased before 1997, when it became illegal to do so.
It is home to threatened bird species like the Dartford warbler and Montagu's harrier and wading birds breed and feed in its ponds, marshes and streams.
The proposed list would consist of: golden eagle, whitetailed eagle, goshawk, honey buzzard, marsh harrier, Montagu's harrier and osprey.
Bentley is a cheeky, talkative African Grey that normally lives at Montagu's Harrier, Guisborough, with proud owners Elaine and Dave Kent.
Another new species for the island was a Montagu's harrier.
Michael James, 63, from Montagu's Harrier, died at Guisborough General Hospital on November 16.
The Wylfa Observatory staff were rubbing their hands with glee when Montagu's harrier stopped off, followed by a honey buzzard and a bluethroat.
Pensioner Joan, of Montagu's Harrier, Guisborough, is a seasoned competitor with three World Transplant Games and three European Transplant Games under her belt.
Dennis Walker, 51, of Montagu's Harrier, Guisborough, banned from driving for 16 months and fined pounds 100 with pounds 45 costs for drink-driving.
Addresses targeted were in Bridge Road, Redcar; Rothesay Grove, Nunthorpe; Moorcock Row, Lingdale; Whinchat Tail, Guisborough; Montagu's Harrier, Guisborough; Woodhouse Road, Guisborough; Epsom Road, Redcar; Enfield Chase, Guisborough; Tintern Road, Skelton; Wood View, Loftus, and Guisborough Street, Eston.
Along with the breathtaking Imperial Eagle they also enjoyed the spectacle of thousands of the large soaring raptors, the buzzards, black kites, short-toed eagles, Montagu's Harriers, flocks of black and white Storks and groups of common cranes.
One went to Anglesey's Peter Hope Jones, who started his career protecting Montagu's harriers at Newborough Warren and has published more than 140 works on birds, including co-authoring the huge Birds of Anglesey.