Monstera deliciosa

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tropical American vine having roots that hang like cords and cylindrical fruit with a pineapple and banana flavor


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Sponsored by Woodhead's leather merchants in Cape Town, the monumental show, dubbed Monstera Deliciosa, Volume I, which will run until the end of February, highlights a new selection of the designer's fantastical cane and leather-enrobed underwater animal-inspired hanging nest seats, transforming the double-volume space into a magnificent faux waterscape.
Pero Bona no fue el filodendro, el arbol del amor, sino su nombre cientifico: monstera deliciosa, "planta parasita anudada a mi alma" (dice la version intima de "Perpetua encarnada").
Native to the rain forests of Central America, monstera deliciosa looks more like an ear of corn than a fruit.
Dieffenbachia (spotted dumb cane), Philodendron (elephant ear), Monstera deliciosa (delicious monster) and Zantedechia (arum lily)
Foliage plants such as ivies, the big- leafed Fatsia japonica, or my favourite, the Swiss Cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa, are much more robust than many flowering plants.