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(Roman Catholic Church) an ecclesiastical title of honor bestowed on some priests

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Wikipedia has an entry devoted to "monsignor," which has fascinating information about the pomp and pomposity around the monsignori. Do remember, though, that Wikipedia should only be a starting point for your research.
Inside the Roman curia, the monsignori who work at the Secretariat of State represent something of an aristocracy, and graduates of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, the elite school for diplomats, who traditionally govern the Secretariat of State, form an aristocracy-within-an-aristocracy.
The congregation was small but quite distinguished: three cardinals, one papal nuncio, monsignori, two of whom had been Vatican bureaucrats, priests, nuns, monks, lay leaders ...
A priest friend of mine remarked that the old monsignori, now dead, would have swallowed poison rather than submit to the indignity."
Below their level, the hundreds of monsignori, priests, sisters and even a few laity who do the day-to-day work are influential, if lesser-known, figures.
By proposing to replace all this with an expanse of lovely, antiqued shrine boxes, Stroik and Smith are bound to ingratiate themselves to today's tabernacle-obsessed bishops, biretta-topped seminarians and a handful of cardboard monsignori. What an architectural legacy they risk destroying, however, for the sake of erecting new church buildings in such an old-fashioned way.
It will be a great year for Vatican monsignori and Roman pickpockets.
He also has reinstituted the naming of monsignori, a practice voted down by the priests' senate 20 years ago, and he has not reconvened the archdiocesan pastoral council.