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the capital and chief port and largest city of Liberia

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He encouraged residents of Monrovia to regularly clean their environments and help the MCC ensure the city is clean, green and safe.
No contacts in Monrovia were reported by patients 1 or 2.
The Representative said, The donation is the bank's contribution towards the working of MCC as it strives to keep Monrovia clean and green.
The weekly service will leave Atlanta at 19:00 and arrive in Monrovia at 14:25 the next day, with return flights leaving Monrovia at 17:30 and arriving in Atlanta at 05:30 the next day.
The new cell site reportedly expands converge in Monrovia, along State Road 39 in northern Morgan County (south of Interstate 70) and along State Road 42 for approximately two miles both east and west of Monrovia.
From start to finish, Monrovia (18-4, 10-0) controlled the game.
Auffrey was staying at the Mamba Point Hotel in the diplomatic enclave of Monrovia when assailants entered his hotel room, robbed him of valuables, and killed him.
Will humanitarian groups be able to get food and medical supplies to the desperate citizens of Monrovia in time to avoid a large-scale disaster?
Francis said violence had forced the church to shut down schools, parishes and most medical clinics in Monrovia and the southeastern port city of Buchanan.
But a second rebel group began a push towards Monrovia from their stronghold in the south-east yesterday, sending refugees fleeing attacks and raising fears that the rebels may be fighting for a share of power after Charles Taylor stepped down as president.
We know that the situation is bad in and around Monrovia.
When the president says, `I cannot help you and all help comes from God,' you'd better believe it," Taylor told a crowd of thousands packed into a sports stadium in the Liberian capital of Monrovia.
Lara Blakely, chair of NLC's International Task Force and a member of the NLC Advisory Council, was elected mayor of Monrovia, Calif.
Monrovia is one of the many American cities that have imposed curfews on their teenagers over the last several years.
The villagers, along with most of their Gola tribe, fled to mud-hut camps built on the edge of Monrovia, Liberia's capital.