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an American foreign policy opposing interference in the western hemisphere from outside powers

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Opening the China-CELAC forum is, and sets, a landmark in international relations in my judgment, a landmark as important as the Monroe Doctrine got to be in its time," Solis said.
He wasn't called great, but at the time of the Monroe Doctrine, Alexander was the most powerful monarch in Europe.
The Monroe Doctrine experience in the Caribbean and Latin America reminds us of the influence of historic links in geostrategies.
Lacey explains why justice can only be served by extending the Monroe Doctrine to foreign corporations and using it to force BP to divest its US assets, pay all claims and restitution, and exit our hemisphere.
But that does not mean that China is trying to control its surrounding seas by imposing a Sino-version of the 19th century Monroe Doctrine, which was essentially a continental strategy of hemispheric domination (ask any informed Latin American about it).
Why have you scrapped the Monroe Doctrine in favor of the ''Spirit of Moscow?
From the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 to the Reagan Doctrine of 1985, the United States adopted politics ranging from geo-strategic to geo-economics.
By late 1861, the United States, which had barred European intervention in the New World under the Monroe Doctrine, was sidelined by its own Civil War, A and several thousand French troops landed on the Gulf coast with the intention of marching up through the mountains to capture Mexico City.
2) Since the Monroe Doctrine, that power has shaped a U.
Subsequent chapters trace the transformation of North America through the Revolution and the early national years, ending with the First Seminole War (a less-conventional turning point in American history), and the diplomatic innovation that followed soon after: the Monroe Doctrine.
and Great Britain--though it did so by expanding the scope of the Monroe Doctrine beyond what its authors had originally intended.
President Roosevelt then took steps that made the Monroe Doctrine even more far-reaching.
After more than a century of the Monroe Doctrine, CIA financed military coups, gunboat diplomacy and Marine invasions, Latin America no longer defers to the US and the Monroe Doctrine is a geopolitical anachronism.
First, there was the Monroe Doctrine, which was designed to keep European powers out of Latin America.
Covering the seven decades between the start of the French and Indian War in the mid-1750s and the articulation of the Monroe Doctrine, this history by Gould (history, U.