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an American foreign policy opposing interference in the western hemisphere from outside powers

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In a region that has suffered countless US interventions in the name of the Monroe Doctrine, invoking it as a legitimate guide for American foreign policy is only slightly better than advocating the "white man's burden".
The Monroe Doctrine turned the whole of Latin America into a US fiefdom, was and still is hated to such an extent that embarrassingly for the US it was not only the Middle East who were cheering 9/11.
This edition incorporates discussion of climate change and its impacts, the Monroe doctrine, neoliberal agriculture, the increasing influence of Chinese investment, and other topics; 13 new vignettes on current issues like the thaw in US-Cuba relations, drug violence in Mexico, aerial gondolas in the Andes, and the first Latin American pope; annotated film and website recommendations; new development trends, population and economic data, and current events; and 26 new photos, maps, and figures.
The United States needed to protect itself from the possibility of European encroachment against the Monroe Doctrine.
For example, Traub writes that the Monroe Doctrine, which Adams called "the most important paper that ever went from my hands," stated "a special protective relation" with Latin America and that, "in the clash of world systems," the United States "would not permit" the new world's commitment to republicanism "to be jeopardized.
Adams's major influence regarding the Monroe Doctrine and his vocal concern over the power of the southern slave states more closely resemble the Adams that the reader has come to know.
President James Monroe, for example, used it in 1823 to advance the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere in North or South America would be viewed as an "act of aggression" - truly a defining moment in the US foreign policy.
Ultimately, the legal demarcations they created laid the groundwork for "the Monroe Doctrine, the Dred Scott decision, US westward expansion, and late nineteenth-century interpretations of international law and overseas imperialism" (p.
Spraying doesn't address the real roots of the problem,' says Grace Livingstone, author of America's Back Yard The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror.
The US relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean has been characterized by the Monroe Doctrine and the principle of domination and hegemony over our countries," Castro said.
The author suggests China's approach to the South China Sea is "akin" to America's Monroe Doctrine in the Caribbean Basin.
In the president's view, the forum marks a historic high point parallel to the Monroe Doctrine.
If you ask the Chinese, all they want in regions like the South China Sea is to implement their own version of what the US established in Latin America during the 19th century with the Monroe doctrine.
secretary of state boasted at a recent meeting of the Organization of American States that the Monroe Doctrine is dead.